Foods that cause acne can cause problems for young adults. If you are prone to acne, you should have a skin-care regimen and avoid those types of foods. It can be hard; in today’s world, many young adults eat fast food or junk food because it is easy. However, eating certain foods could cause your acne to become more severe or result in more acne spells.

Sadly, there are many types of foods you should avoid to reduce acne problems. The best way to start is to avoid all of them at the beginning, and try introducing one or two back into your diet later. This can help you realize which foods cause acne for your body.

The Top 7 Types of Foods That Cause Acne

* Fried Foods

Typically, fried foods are fried in liquid fat and oils, especially those at a fast-food restaurant. The problem is that the fats are unnatural and are damaging to skin. If you must fry your food, you should stick with regular cooking oil or extra virgin olive oil, because these are considered life-promoting oils. However, the best alternative is to bake your foods. You can add seasonings and spices to make the food taste good, and you lose all the problems associated with fried food.

Common fried foods include French fries, fried chicken, onion rings, doughnuts, and many others.

* Foods High in Sugar

Studies prove that sugar is poisonous to your body. Eating small amounts will not do much harm, but the average person living in America consumes approximately 125 pounds of table sugar per year. The reason sugar causes acne, is that it suppresses the immune system. This breaks down the body’s defense system against bacterial infection. Acne is considered a bacterial infection. Sugar also makes your body produce less oxygen, which causes fungal overgrowth, which also leads to acne.

Common sugary foods that cause acne include chocolate, candy, cookies, and even some cereals and juices.

* Foods High in Carbohydrates

The important carbohydrate is glucose. Your body needs certain amounts of this carbohydrate, but generally, Americans consume way too much. This ties in to foods high in sugar because glucose is a form of sugar. If you choose to eat a lot of candy and cookies and also eat a lot of carbohydrates, you are giving your body an overload of poison, which erupts on your face and other areas in the form of acne.

Common foods that are high in carbohydrates include rice, pasta and bread.

* Dairy Products

Acne is linked to blood sugar. Wild swings in your blood sugar can increase sebum production, which helps cause acne. Consuming milk and other dairy products has the same sort of reaction as in blood sugar spikes.

* Caffeine

Caffeine also increases your sebum production, which results in pore clogging.

* Salty Foods

High levels of iodine can cause acne and there is iodine in table salt. Iodine is important for the body, but in small amounts. If you need to use salt, try putting in while cooking. Other options are sea salt or seasoned salt.

* Nuts

Most nuts have high fat and protein. Some of the proteins cannot be digested and your body thinks it is under attack. It produces antibodies, which get inflamed and produce extra amounts of sebum.

There are many types of foods that cause acne and this is not a complete list. Try to cut down on all types of junk food and fast food. If you choose natural snacks and meals, your body will thank you–not just because of acne, but for overall health.