Nature has a reason for packaging fruits in the most appealing and delicious way. Fruits is a natural package bursting with healthy and nutritious goodness. In its natural raw form, fruits are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, enzymes, and other phyto-chemicals and nutrients. On the otherhand, refined sugar provides zero value to our health except calories.

Ideally, fruits should be consumed whole to maximise the natural benefits they offer. If they are taken in as fruit juices, valuable nutrients and enzymes are lost during the extraction process and from the exposure to the air. The valuable nutrients are found within or right under the skin of most fruits, therefore, as far as possible, it is recommended that fruits should be taken with its skin on. Where possible, choose fruits that are grown organically. If these are not easily available, ensure that the fruits are washed thoroughly to remove the residues from pesticides, fertilizers and other contaminants to avoid absorbing them into our body system.

The fiber found in whole fruits helps our digestive system to process the fruits and other food taken. For this reasons, taking fruits, especially without mixing with other kind of food such as carbohydrates and proteins, works as a great detoxifier and decluttering agent of our colon system.

The natural sugar found in fruits will influence the blood sugar level in our body. A piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice will certainly help to provide the natural energy to boost us when we are lethargic instead of a cup of coffee or cans of soft drinks. However, diabetics should take precaution in consuming fruits excessively in the interests of keeping their blood sugar levels stable.

To lower the risk of blood pressure, all types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, cholesterol and other illnesses, health authorities, Heart Associations and Cancer bodies around the world recommend the consumption of more fresh fruits as well as vegetables. There certainly are reasons why we should avail ourselves to more fruits in our daily diet for the natural benefits packed in those colourful little packs of nature of all sizes, colours, textures and certainly taste!